Sompo and Palantir cofound Palantir Japan

SOMPO Holdings and Palantir Technologies have announced the formation of Palantir Technologies Japan, a $150 million, 50-50 joint venture to promote the “security, health and wellbeing of Japanese organizations and society.”

Palantir’s software platforms, Gotham and Foundry, are deployed for mission-critical applications across every major vertical market. Customers around the world, including government institutions and major commercial organizations, use these platforms to digitally transform their operations. Use cases range from risk countermeasures (e.g., cybersecurity, fraud monitoring, anti-money laundering, and more) to operational efficiency (e.g., mission planning, healthcare research and development, shipping optimization, and more). By combining the strengths of Sompo and Palantir, Palantir Japan will provide a “worldclass platform solution to support intelligent decision-making by analyzing and visualizing the real data of organizations.”

“We have the privilege of partnering with some of the most innovative and enduring companies in the world, including Sompo, a leader in its field whose business helped to define an industry. Our investment in Japan reflects our belief that the union of industrial expertise, built over decades on the front lines of business, with the right software will be the primary driver of economic outperformance moving forward.” – Dr. Alexander Karp, Co-founder and CEO, Palantir Technologies.

“At its core, this new venture is the blending of parallel values of Sompo and Palantir. Real operational data, abundant in Japan, is transformed into scaled productivity and operational success in every business through the use of Palantir’s technologies. I am committed to unleashing this digital transformation for all Japanese industries and helping them achieve their goals smarter and faster. Finally, we thank Koichiro Nakamura at Sozo Ventures for his introductions of Sompo to Palantir that has led to this new venture.” – Koichi Narasaki, Group Chief Digital Officer of SOMPO Holdings and CEO of Palantir Japan.

“Over the past year, Koichi Narasaki and I have developed a great friendship. We are very fortunate to have him as a leader in this endeavor. I would also like to thank Koichiro Nakamura at Sozo Ventures, who introduced us to Sompo and helped make this partnership possible.” – Kevin Kawasaki, Global Head of Business Development, Palantir Technologies.