Solera partners with STELLA Automotive AI

Vehicle lifecycle management company Solera has partnered with Stella Automotive AI to introduce ServiceAgent AI, a solution that leverages AI to improve customer experiences by automating operational tasks.

This service features a digital voice assistant capable of managing multiple inbound service calls simultaneously, round the clock. Customers benefit from accessibility, with the ability to effortlessly book, modify, or confirm service appointments. Integration with the Service Scheduler or Dealer Management System (DMS) ensures a seamless booking process.

In collaboration with STELLA, Solera’s ServiceAgent AI incorporates conversational AI to handle dealership and service center calls, offering personalized greetings and messages based on caller identification. The service provides valuable insights into service appointment booking and management system performance, enabling service teams to optimize customer support.

Furthermore, ServiceAgent AI enhances the dealership experience by delivering personalized and efficient service while providing comprehensive insights into call volumes, handling times, outcomes, and customer satisfaction scores.