Solartis: Taking Insurance BPO to a New Level

Solartis Administer now runs on Solartis OptimX, a proprietary workflow technology that addresses the limitations of traditional insurance BPO offerings

FOR RELEASE February 25, 2020

Carol Mowry McKenzie
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Manhattan Beach, CA, February 25, 2020 – Solartis continues to innovate Solartis Administer, the insurance BPO service that helps insurance carriers and MGAs. 

Today, insurance BPO services fill human resource gaps at insurance companies and MGAs, helping them to improve turnaround time, reduce policy administration backlogs and enhance customer service. However, even companies that have successfully implemented BPO have struggled with a lack of transparency, and loss of control when working with providers.

At Solartis, our main objective in BPO operations is not only to provide the highest-quality BPO services; but to do it in a collaborative environment with complete transparency into all policy administration activities: both those performed by Solartis and those that remain with the customer.

To achieve this, Solartis provides its customers with OptimX, a proprietary workflow engine that provides full transparency into all policy administration activities. Insurers and MGAs can access granular, detailed, real-time information about each task: from progress and status to task pipeline and priority, to information about possible delays or next steps.

Nick Richardson (Solartis President and CEO): “We are so excited to offer OptimX to our Solartis Administer customers. Using OptimX is a true game-changer in BPO as it creates a centralized repository of all policy administration tasks, allowing accurate, real-time reporting and data. This can be used to gain business insight, streamline processes, and improve efficiency throughout your organization.”

Srini Alagarsamy (Solartis COO) is at the forefront of exceeding Solartis customer expectations. He stated: “Traditional BPO is extremely effective in addressing issues with processing time and administrative backlog, but this is just a “band-aid” solution for the deeper issue. It is critical to get to the source of the problem: to analyze processes to see where bottlenecks occur, how resources are performing, and how workflows through an organization. OptimX is the tool that is needed to achieve this and resolve policy administration issues at the source.”

With Solartis OptimX, both internal and Solartis processed tasks can be tracked in OptimX to obtain a full view of all operational/processing activities. Tasks are assigned based on turnaround time and priority rules. Auditing processes and pinpointing areas of improvement becomes easy to accomplish, with total transparency and real-time reporting.

About Solartis Administer:
Solartis Administer teams work alongside the operational and underwriting staff of insurance companies and MGAs, relieving them of the burden of time-consuming, manual administrative activities. By running on OptimX, Solartis has evolved beyond a people-based offering, to become a new breed of BPO: a full-cycle, people + technology solution.

For more information on Solartis administer, visit the Solartis website:

About Solartis:

Solartis is redefining policy administration with modern, multi-faceted, innovative solutions. At Solartis, our mission is to simplify insurance administration, preparing businesses in the insurance industry for a successful future. Combining over 750 employees in multiple onshore and offshore locations, with purpose-built, proprietary technology solutions, Solartis is using industry experience and insight to rethink policy administration and improve results. Every Solartis customer is a Solartis reference.

For more information, contact Carol McKenzie, vice president, Solartis, via e-mail at, by phone at 570-815-4556, or request a free BPO consultation.

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