Solaria Labs’ DwellBeing is unavailable

In early 2018, Solaria Labs, Liberty Mutual’s innovation arm, announced the launch of two tools, Total Home Score and Dwellbeing.

Total Home Score – still live – is a portal that offers data-driven livability scores for houses in Massachusetts and the Chicago metro area to help customers factor things like noise, safety, traffic and entertainment options for a given address.

Dwellbeing – no longer live – was a proactive maintenance service for the home. “Instead of waiting for something to break, take a more proactive approach to manage the ‘health’ of your home. Dwellbeing makes caring for your home simple, easing stress, reducing risk and ultimately helping to protect your home and family,” said Adam L’Italien, the VP, Global Markets Innovation and Head of Solaria Labs, at the time of the announcement.

Basically, Dwellbeing was a DIY resource for home maintenance with personalized task-orientated notifications. It sent customized alerts when common household appliances or systems needed to be maintained and provided details on how to go about servicing them. Liberty Mutual initially had 200 users testing the product, and while the feedback was positive around the idea, users were confused/annoyed by the home wellness score, according to Kate Brandy, the Lead UX Designer on the project.

Bottom Line: Liberty Mutual is bullish on pet projects such as Certainly, Simplify Life, and Total Home Score.