SkyWatch.AI Announces 9 New Partnerships with Brokers

SkyWatch.AI, a risk-assessment platform for the drone industry, announced its partnership and technological integration with nine US aviation brokers to provide drone insurance on a monthly subscription basis from a dedicated web portal.

These brokers will now offer their customers direct access to SkyWatch.AI’s monthly drone insurance plan as part of their service, the policies are underwritten by Starr Insurance Companies.

The first nine brokers to enroll in the SkyWatch Web program are:

  • Aviation Marine
  • Falcon Insurance
  • Fields Group
  • Harpenau Insurance
  • Hill & Usher (Aerial Pak)
  • MFE (InsureMyDrone)
  • Plimsoll Specialty
  • Sky Smith
  • Skyvuze

The commercial drone industry continues to grow exponentially, with projections that businesses and civil governments will have spent $13 billion on drone technology between 2016 and 2020. With the potential for usage in industries from firefighting to photography to farming, drones have proven their value in safety, accuracy, and costs. But if proper risk protocols are not taken before operation, these drones can pose major risks. The potential threat posed by commercial drones has led to the need for more effective insurance platforms for any pilot engaging in these activities.

To mitigate these risks, SkyWatch.AI created an on-demand insurtech platform for commercial drone use that provides data analysis and active risk-reduction capabilities for drone pilots; this means pilots can fly safer, faster, and more efficiently at great insurance rates. Drone pilots can now purchase SkyWatch.AI’s liability and hull insurance through their broker’s web portal. Pilots benefit both from the personal service of their trusted broker and a seamless, intuitive digital experience.

“After serving thousands of drone pilots with the SkyWatch.AI mobile app, we saw the demand to expand our solution to include even more drone pilots, including those who would like to continue working with their existing brokers. Hence, we’re excited to launch this new development. We are proud to have partnered with innovative brokers to offer best-in-class, on-demand drone insurance solution via web and mobile.” – SkyWatch.AI CEO, Tomer Kashi.

Pilots can purchase and manage their insurance directly from SkyWatch Web without downloading SkyWatch.AI’s mobile app and enjoy the same prices and insurance discounts based on their Safety Score, as well as other underwriting factors. Pilots who already use the mobile app will have their accounts fully synchronized between the SkyWatch.AI mobile app and the web portal.