SK Telecom partners with Anicom

SK Telecom , South Korea’s leading telecom company, has entered a strategic partnership with Anicom , Japan’s top pet insurance provider.

Their goal is to bring SK Telecom’s AI-driven medical service, X Caliber, to the global stage, starting with Japan.

X Caliber, which has been adopted by approximately 300 veterinary clinics in Seoul, employs AI to analyze pet X-rays swiftly and accurately, primarily diagnosing heart abnormalities in dogs.

Japan’s pet health market, valued at over $2.2 billion, offers significant growth potential for SK Telecom’s innovative technology.

Anicom, which dominates the pet insurance sector with a 46% market share, will collaborate on research, using its vast animal data to refine and expand the services. Moreover, SK Telecom will be distributing X Caliber through Anicom Pafe, an affiliate that specializes in electronic medical records, to Japanese animal hospitals.

This partnership underscores SK Telecom’s broader shift from its core telecommunications business towards a focus on AI and emerging technologies. The company sees veterinary AI diagnostics as an avenue with substantial growth potential, consistent with its aim to diversify and innovate.