Singlife with Aviva targets EV drivers

Singlife is now providing coverage for electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its car insurance policies, offering special discounts to EV owners.

Singlife will provide a 10% Go Green discount on Singlife Car Insurance for EV owners. Singlife will also provide EV-specific peripheral services such as sourcing replacement EVs in the event of an accident1 and breakdown assistance due to insufficient battery power. Charging cables, batteries and private charging stations will also be insurable for accidental damage in Singlife’s comprehensive coverage, providing EV owners with greater peace of mind. Singlife Car Insurance currently covers most classes of EVs available for sale in Singapore.

“We are pleased to support the country’s transition towards EVs. We hope that our solutions will continue to provide customers with the security, reassurance and support as they seek cleaner-energy vehicles and help reduce land transport emissions.” – Pan Jinglong, Head of General Insurance, Singlife with Aviva.

The new EV plans support the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to build a sustainable future.