Silvercar by Audi is now Audi on demand

Audi of America announced the rebrand of Silvercar by Audi to Audi on demand.

Audi on demand is the carmaker’s app-based rental platform that allows customers to pick up vehicles at participating Audi dealerships or have them delivered. Insurance is also offered as an add-on.

In addition to the rebrand, Audi on demand is now offering long-term rental options, in some cases up to 1 year.

“Consumer behaviors are changing and Audi is listening. Audi on demand allows us to meet the growing need for short-term and long-term mobility experiences – local rental options, longer test drives, flexible short-term transportation, and lease bridges – addressing consumer demands and expectations in today’s rapidly changing travel environment.” – Sara Whiffen, VP of Strategy, Mobility & Retail Operations at Audi of America.