Sentio Solutions partners with SCOR and Gothaer Life Insurance

Sentio Solutions, the company behind Feel, “the world’s first emotion sensor and mental health advisor, announced a partnership with German insurance provider Gothaer Life Insurance and SCOR.

With the number of days off in Germany due to mental disorders on the rise, along with an internal SCOR analysis of the performance of various life insurance portfolios which revealed that in some cases claims related to mental health exceed 30%, the partnership’s aim is to use Feel to prevent and treat occupational disability caused by mental health disorders such as stress or burn-out.

Feel is a holistic mental health program that combines technology and science to improve a person’s emotional state, by bringing objective data for the first time and delivering on-time mental health support when they need it most. Feel comprises four components: the Feel Emotion Sensor, an emotion tracking wearable device that detects and quantifies a person’s emotional changes, the Feel mobile app which responds to those changes and deploys real-time interventions, weekly sessions with an assigned licensed psychotherapist, and access to an online library of tools and exercises.

The interest and response rate in the Feel program by Gothaer’s clients “exceeded expectations” and was double than that of other new program introductions so far. This is also reflected in a ‘close to zero’ dropout rate following the first therapy session and throughout the program, which is still ongoing.

“We are very excited to announce this important partnership. Gothaer and SCOR, both leading companies in the health and life insurance industry, are also very innovative and forward-thinking organizations that embrace new technologies. Not only do they support their customers with reliable health and life programs, but they ensure their mental wellbeing is cared for as much as their physical wellbeing. As mental healthcare is one of the most pressing issues globally, we are looking forward to a bright future and a long-lasting partnership” – George Eleftheriou, CEO and Co-Founder of Sentio Solutions.

“The FEEL program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Studies have shown that patients can deal with stress much better with this method and feel better overall. We also want to make this possible for our customers and thus protect them from occupational disability.” – Maike Gruhn, Head of Innovation at Gothaer Life Insurance.

“With the Feel program, SCOR enables insurance companies not only to act as a reliable partner in the event of a claim but also to offer preventive solutions. In the future, insurers will be able to achieve higher customer loyalty through programs like Feel.” – Thomas Trompetter, Head of Client Services at SCOR.