Selective is Now Proactive With Selective Drive

Selective Insurance announced the launch of its Selective Drive app for customers with commercial vehicle accounts.

Developed in partnership with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, Selective Drive features a sensor device and cloud-based application to enable business owners with commercial vehicles to monitor driver and vehicle safety, and manage and maintain their fleets. The solution monitors driving speed, location, idle time, and harsh driving events involving acceleration, turning, and stopping, along with the ability to detect distracted driving and identify both phone calls and other phone usage while the vehicle is in motion. Selective Drive also monitors vehicle maintenance and advises on vehicle recalls.

“Selective Drive is a key element of our customer-focused strategy to proactively provide our insureds, their employees, and their families with value-added services. Safety is a priority at Selective and we are excited to offer this technology to our commercial automobile accounts to help promote driver and vehicle safety.” – President and COO of Selective Insurance, John J. Marchioni.

“We are excited to support Selective’s vision to provide extraordinary value to its customers with our Bosch technology. Selective Drive not only promotes driving safety, but also helps Selective’s customers manage their everyday operations more efficiently.” – General Manager of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions North America, Steffen Zacharias.