Selective Insurance introduces ergonomic risk assessment tool

Selective has introduced an ergonomic risk assessment tool that can identify high-risk body positions or movements that may lead to severe injuries and costly workers compensation claims.

According to a study of workers compensation claims made with Selective, in 2021 workplace-related injuries were reported 18% earlier in employees’ tenure than in 2011 – 5.2 years compared to 6.4 years. The study also found that during that period, strain-related injuries were the most common type of workers compensation claims in construction (22.4%) and manufacturing and wholesale segments (27.2%).

The solution, developed by TuMeke Ergonomics, allows Selective policyholders to use a smartphone to record consenting employees completing a task. TuMeke’s AI software will review the footage to build detailed 3D models of the human body moving through space to complete industry-standard assessments that identify high-risk body positions and motions while maintaining employee privacy. At the end of the process, policyholders receive a report with findings and suggestions to reduce musculoskeletal pain and disorder risks.

The tool is available to workers compensation policyholders.

“Strains to muscles, nerves, and tendons are some of the most frequent injuries employees experience at work. Many times, they are preventable with some ergonomic changes to our behaviors, such as when lifting heavy objects or performing repetitive tasks. Selective’s ergonomic safety solution from TuMeke provides a unique opportunity for employers to promote workplace wellness by spotting these potentially hazardous behaviors so they can be addressed and reduced, especially in labor-intensive industries.” – Scott Smith, Vice President, Director of Safety Management, Selective Insurance.