Selective Enters the Spotlight

Last week, corporate employees at Selective had a chance to experience Selective’s Driving Simulator, which is designed to mimic real-life driving scenarios. The simulator incorporates lessons on safe driving, like focusing on the road despite smartphones and/or unruly passengers.



And this isn’t the first time Selective enters the spotlight for its use of such technology.


Last year, EVP & General Counsel at Selective, Michael Lanza, was recognized for his support of the National Task Force on Fines, Fees, and Bail Practices, a project of the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators, and NCSC. Lanza and Selective are sponsors of a Driving Simulator Safety Training Pilot Project, which tests whether simulators are an effective sanction in traffic-related cases where people are unable to pay their fines and fees. The driving simulators – donated by Selective – are used by economically disadvantaged people to determine if this is a viable alternative to fines/fees.