Select insurers offer Liberty Rider Premium to policyholders

Liberty Rider has recently announced its first international partnership with Belgian insurer P&V. Founded in 2016, Liberty Rider is a French company that offers an emergency call service for motorcyclists. Here’s how it works: in the event of an accident – detected via phone sensors, GPS and accelerometer, in particular, the Liberty app intervenes. “After a fall signal, we will try to reach you. If you do not respond, we send help to your GPS position. It’s that simple. If, on the other hand, we detect movement and you re-fill, it is because you are fine or someone has already taken care of you on the road. In this case, the alert is canceled.”

Now, those that purchase P&V motor insurance will enjoy access to Liberty Rider Premium for free. “This app has super-handy features: fall detection with an automatic emergency call, GPS specifically for motorcyclists and a texting feature to reassure your contacts.”

Liberty Rider has similar partnerships with AXA, MATMUT, MACIF and Mutuelle des Motards.