Seeing through the matrix – broker transformation survey

Technology should be at the forefront of all brokers’ thoughts, so is it true that only a minority are actively engaging with innovative tech?

This benchmark state of the market survey on insurance broker digital transformation seeks to hold a mirror up to the market to find out where brokers from across the global insurance sector currently stand when it comes to technology. 

Brokers – have you leveraged the technology your business uses to improve its earnings?

Do you perceive the entry into insurance of businesses from other sectors – e.g. technology giants, large retailers – as a threat or an opportunity for your business?

And will your business be investing more in technology and digital transformation over the next 12 months?

Completing the survey takes less than five minutes, and your details will remain anonymous.

Here’s the link:

We’ll be releasing a report on our findings at the start of 2020 so stay tuned!


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