Search fully disinfected hotel tooms with Eddy Travels AI assistant

Innovative hotels around the world are introducing new cleaning processes with full room disinfection to protect travelers from the coronavirus. Now you can search for disinfected rooms from hotels with the highest hygiene standards with the Eddy Travels AI assistant.

The new Eddy Travels feature highlights hotels with the highest hygiene practices. It lets you search specifically for hotels and apartments that have been assigned the “Safe & Disinfected” stamp, which will be shown on the top-left corner of the hotel card.

The Eddy Travels AI assistant has access to millions of accommodation listings worldwide. Among them are thousands of establishments with a “Safe & Disinfected” rating. These hotels, hostels and apartments put extra emphasis on social distancing and pay special attention to anti-COVID procedures. Most importantly – they have robust disinfection routines for all their rooms and apartments.

Try it out: