SBLI increases coverage to $750K on fully digital submissions

SBLI (The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) announced it has increased its coverage limit to $750,000 (from $500,000) for all risk classes, and for level term and whole life insurance policies underwritten for those eligible under the company’s fully digital and contactless underwriting process.

SBLI’s Accelerated Underwriting process now guarantees that no in-person contact is required for all clients ages 18-60 seeking $750,000 or less of life insurance.  SBLI is the only life insurer to make such a process available for all medical risk classes.

SBLI’s Accelerated Underwriting is a seamless digital process from start to finish. No in-person medical exam or fluid collection is required; rather, a tele-med interview is conducted to complete an application, which can be signed electronically by the client.  Upon issue, the client is able to accept and pay for the policy entirely online.

“SBLI is pleased to offer our unique process to a wider audience with this increase to $750,000 of coverage,” said James Morgan, President and CEO of SBLI. “During this time, our contactless Accelerated Underwriting process provides peace of mind and convenience for clients, simplicity for agents and speed for all.”