Sana enters Wisconsin

Sana Benefits, a health care company providing health benefits to small businesses at affordable prices, announced its expansion into Wisconsin.

Starting today, Wisconsin-based companies can offer their employees health benefits packages with full medical, dental, vision and more without network restrictions or hidden fees. In addition to primary care, Sana gives employees access to virtual care with providers specializing in pediatrics, maternity and mental health.

Founded in 2017, Sana closed a $60 million Series B funding round in June co-led by Trust Ventures and Gigafund.

“Sana already has entered Indiana and Virginia this year and plans to keep expanding in 2022. We’re on a mission to make quality health care understandable, accessible and affordable to as many Americans as possible. Wisconsin has more than a million small business employees, and we’re excited to offer them a better alternative to the same restrictive networks and sky-high ‘negotiated rates’ that have dominated the market for decades.” – Sana co-founder and CEO Will Young.