Sana Benefits raises $3.6 million

Sana Benefits announced an additional $3.6 million in seed funding led by Gigafund (Steve Oskoui) and Trust Ventures (Sal Churi), bringing the total funding to date to $6.3 million. Gigafund and Trust join Greenlight Re and Mark VC (Adam Zeplain) as the other major institutional investors in Sana.

Established in 2017, Sana offers premium health benefits for small and medium businesses at 30% lower cost than traditional options. Sana has started fresh with a modern, customer-focused approach. “We sell our plans directly, cutting out the middleman broker so we can build the product around our customers’ needs. We let our members see the doctors they want and we build a network around them. We offer free premium services to our customers through partnerships with Plushcare, Maven, Beam, ClassPass, and Calm. We have built all of our own technology from scratch on a modern HIPAA compliant web stack (AWS, Rails, React, etc) which enables us to be a leader in back-office automation and data-driven approaches to care management. We are obsessed with making a smarter, more human health plan.”

Bottom Line: They have “dozens of customers.”