Sagicor Life partners with Vida Life

Sagicor Life Insurance Company and Vida Life announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Sagicor’s products and industry-leading Accelewriting underwriting process combined with Vida’s insights in creating a quality bi-lingual experience will allow both companies to provide a new, innovative life insurance purchasing experience. Together, they will provide individuals with the opportunity to purchase insurance products that will protect them, help them to grow, and allow them to give back to their communities.

“This partnership supports Sagicor’s continued commitment to innovative life insurance products that are easily accessible to our family, friends, and neighbors,” said Bart Catmull, President and Chief Operating Officer. “With Vida’s advanced relationships in the Hispanic community and Sagicor’s solutions, we have a unique opportunity to continue to provide growth and protection to our customers in a very under-served market.”

James Juarez, Vida Co-Founder and CEO, echoed a similar sentiment regarding Sagicor’s rich history of providing great products to the Hispanic community.

“They met the criteria we were looking for in a partner — a full-service life insurance company, a history of trustworthiness and strength, and a commitment to offering customers world-class service with integrity and value. Coming from a multicultural background, we felt that this partnership would help ensure wealth and prosperity in the Hispanic community as well as all cultures.”

While every family situation is unique, both Sagicor and Vida remain focused on providing solutions to meet various individual needs. “By protecting what matters most, families can grow financially and give back to their heritage,” said Mr. Juarez.

“Over the last couple of months, we’ve all experienced a level of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mr. Catmull. “And in the midst of this chaos, Sagicor has provided stability and comfort to help protect the ones you love most. I’m confident that we will continue to make a difference through this partnership.”