Root is looking to offer third party products

After several cost-cutting measures, Root Insurance is now looking to generate more sales, even if it isn’t from its own products.

The company is searching for a senior software engineer to join its Autopilot team to help customers “manage and find insurance that works best for them, regardless of whether that insurance product is serviced by Root.”

Based on the job ad, Root’s Autopilot team integrates with third-party agencies and insurance carriers to build a seamless bridge between Root and the third party, as well as “create on services that allow customers to shop, purchase, and manage insurance agnostic of the agency or carrier that services the policy.”

While the job ad doesn’t specify a line of coverage, it’s hard to imagine that if this initiative comes to life it would exclude Root’s car insurance business.

Aside from car insurance, Root offers renters insurance and it also has a partnership with Homesite around homeowners insurance.