Root introduces RootReady

Root Insurance is now offering a way for drivers of connected cars to get quotes based on their driving behavior without the need of taking the test drive. The new feature, RootReady, pairs sensors from connected cars with the Root experience, allowing drivers who own a 2015 or newer General Motors vehicle, including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac models, to get an instant quote in the Root app without the test drive.

Traditionally, Root customers download the Root app and take a test drive before they can be offered a telematics-based quote. With RootReady, prospective Root customers “who are safe drivers” and own newer qualifying vehicles can get an immediate quote using driving data from their vehicles, provided in partnership with the Verisk Data Exchange. To date, more than 85% of qualifying drivers who were presented with the option opted-in to immediate quoting with RootReady.

“More than 90% of new cars sold in the U.S. today are connected; Root is meeting drivers where they are today with where the market is headed tomorrow through both mobile and vehicle connectivity. As the overall volume of connected vehicles continues to grow, RootReady offers drivers the option to further simplify the quoting process, receiving all the benefits of a fair quote without any wait.” – Root.

“Root has been built to fundamentally understand the intersection of data and telematics. Our expertise and understanding in rating driving behavior allows us to leverage the rich data from OEMs to more fairly price drivers, and positions us to extend our leadership as the data gets better.” – Root CEO Alex Timm.

Bottom Line: Smart move.