Rocky Mountain Credit Union launches digital banking platform

Mahalo Banking , a Michigan based mobile and online banking partner for credit unions, has completed its digital banking implementation with Rocky Mountain Credit Union .

“Mahalo has proven to be an excellent digital banking partner. In the past, we have worked with vendors who have over committed to providing services for us and our members, and then under-performed in the delivery. It is refreshing to work with a team that is credit-union first and was able to meet each of our expectations, on time and without issue. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Mahalo.” – Erin Johnston, Vice President of Project Change, Rocky Mountain Credit Union.

“Rocky Mountain continues to be a great partner for us. We’ve worked hard to support the RMCU team in implementing a positive conversion experience that keep challenges to a minimum, while being sure we did not cause unintended disruptions for the members. Rocky Mountain is a perfect example of what a credit union should expect when they sign with Mahalo Banking. Seamless conversions, happy members and all commitments being met.” – Denny Howell, Chief Operating Officer, Mahalo.