Rhino reimburses marketing costs for select RentHop listings

RentHop and Rhino announced a partnership to enhance the marketing of homes that introduce the choice to use Rhino as a more affordable way for renters to satisfy their upfront deposit requirements. Starting March 10, Rhino will reimburse the advertising costs of Rhino-partnered homes listed by landlords and brokers on RentHop.

“Rhino’s innovative product enables qualified renters a new and streamlined way to access high-quality inventory with minimal hassle. The partnership is well-aligned with RentHop’s vision to simplify the real estate search process.” – RentHop co-founder Lee Lin.

Founded in 2009, RentHop offers apartment quality ranking algorithms to help apartment hunters quickly sift through large pools of inventory on a national level to find the most appropriate listings.

Founded in 2017, Rhino replaces traditional cash deposits with an insurance policy that renters can purchase for monthly payments.

Bottom Line: “Rhino is now trusted in over 500,000 homes nationwide;” whatever that means.