Relay and Cowbell announce digital integration

Commercial insurance platform Relay Platform announced that has joined its suite of carriers, Managed General Agents (MGAs) and reinsurers offering instant quotes through its portal.

With Cowbell Prime 100 – Cowbell’s standalone, admitted cyber insurance program designed for businesses with up to $100 Million in revenue – available on the Relay Platform, agents and brokers can now offer instant quotes and best serve all clients for cyber coverage .

Relay is designed to facilitate the transition to data-first insurance placements, instant quoting, and broker-cedent connectivity to markets. Relay allows insurance brokers and agents to visualize coverage options for their clients, make recommendations, and benefit from automated steps to present proposals to clients, overall increasing closing rates and simplifying renewals.

“The digital integration between Relay and Cowbell helps us fulfill our mission to make standalone cyber coverage accessible to all, including small and mid-size businesses. Relay’s digital approach augments our ability to distribute relevant and customized cyber policies at speed.” – Erin Dyer, strategic account manager at Cowbell Cyber.

Cowbell Prime 100 delivers financial protection and coverage for a wide range of cyber incidents including network incidents, email scams, ransomware attacks, cybercrime, social engineering, and more. Cowbell Prime policies give policyholders access to numerous resources to improve their risk profile, including risk assessment, cybersecurity awareness training for employees, and access to risk engineering services.

“Relay I5 is attracting brokers, carriers and MGA-MGUs for its unique ability to unify questionnaires, handle both simple and complex placements, secure and combine quotes both electronically and manually, and assemble both a Competitive Differentiation Table and a Smart Client Proposal that converts more business.” – Edmund Lo, Head of Product & Engineering at Relay.