Recoop Disaster Insurance Partners with Insurity

Recoop Disaster Insurance and Insurity, a provider of cloud-based software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, announced the launch of an administrative service platform backed by Insurity’s Sure Personal Suite. The platform went live in less than four months and will enable Recoop to automate routine tasks and provide self-service capabilities for policyholders, dramatically reducing the need for manual processing and eliminating inbound and outbound paper.

Recoop is a multi-peril disaster insurance coverage. It’s designed to cover the gaps left by most traditional homeowners and renters insurance policies in the wake of a disaster by paying a lump-sum cash benefit (up to $25,000) following a covered natural disaster, including hurricane (with storm surge), wildfire, tornado, earthquake, gas explosion, winter storm, or dust storm. It lessens the financial burden with affordable policies, expedited payments, and flexibility. Recoop is offered through employee benefit programs, both voluntary and employer paid for remote or hybrid workers, in addition to a variety of other distribution channels.

“Leveraging Insurity’s cloud-based and intuitive Sure Personal Suite accelerates the delivery of high-quality service our policyholders expect. The self-service capabilities of Sure Personal empower our policyholders to have a more responsive, intuitive experience, which helps us deliver on our commitment to help people rebuild and get back to life faster following a disaster.” – Darren Wood, founder and chief product officer of Recoop Disaster Insurance.

Recoop’s new administrative platform is now available to customers across 39 states, including Washington D.C., with nationwide coverage to come.