QIC communicates with insureds via WhatsApp

Qatar Insurance (QIC) has integrated WhatsApp Business for auto insurance communications.

Going forward, QIC will continue to use WhatsApp Business as a key customer communication channel to enhance ways of engaging with customers and enriching overall customer experience. Simultaneously, the App will be used for marketing QIC’s retail product offerings and services.

“A key aspect of our strategy is to continuously strive to expand our customer reach to build and nurture relationship with customers. With a very high smartphone penetration rate, I am confident that WhatsApp Business platform has the capability to enhance the way we interact with our customers. Moreover, customers these days prefer to use WhatsApp as the go-to messaging app for interacting with businesses directly… just as they would interact with their family members and friends. The integration of WhatsApp Business into our operating module will add more impetus to customer interaction, making it more impactful. Not only that, but we also envision that WhatsApp Business will be a key enabler in streamlining internal processes, tracking timelines, optimizing efficiencies across all operations, right from generating a quote to filing a motor claim.” – Mr. Fahad Al Suwaidi, Deputy CEO of QIC.