QBE North America purchases renewable electricity in Marblehead

QBE North America  has taken a crucial step toward reducing its carbon footprint at its Marblehead office by purchasing certified renewable energy through the Marblehead Municipal Light Department’s (MMLD) “Go Green Now!” program. The Go Green Now! program, originally geared towards residential customers, was created to shift Marblehead’s power portfolio to renewable energy sources. QBE North America is MMLD’s first commercial customer to participate in the program.

“We started this program when a growing number of Massachusetts residents expressed interest in being a part of the climate crisis solution,” said Joseph Kowalik, general manager, MMLD. “So, we were pleasantly surprised when we got the call from QBE North America with their interest to participate for commercial use. As the first local business to participate in the program, QBE North America is setting an example for others to follow while helping to create a more sustainable future.”

Renewable energy certificates are evidence that energy has been generated from renewable energy sources, such as a wind or solar farm. By purchasing these certificates, companies can reduce their emissions and support projects that bring more renewable energy into the grid.

Purchasing certified renewable energy in Marblehead is just one of many steps QBE North America has taken towards sustainability. The company has also purchased certified renewable energy in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina.

“We are dedicated to operating our business with sustainability principles in mind, and proactively reaching out to Marblehead Municipal Light to purchase certified renewable energy demonstrates that commitment,” said Chris Gates, assistant vice president of business operations, QBE North America. “As a company, we are using 100% renewable electricity2 and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint even further.”

As an international insurer and reinsurer, QBE integrates sustainability into its business to deliver on its purpose of enabling a more resilient future. By purchasing certified renewable energy, QBE North America is reducing its carbon footprint and supporting projects that support energy security and the transition to a net-zero economy. The company remains committed to sustainability and will continue to take actions that benefit the planet and its stakeholders.