Putty by The Hartford to offer two new products

The Hartford is planning to expand its semi-digital, direct-to-consumer brand Putty Insurance .

Till now, Putty focused on offering ‘project insurance,’ which is general liability coverage priced by the hour/day.

Now, judging by its site, Putty plans on adding smart size insurance and home business insurance.

With smart size insurance, Putty automatically adjusts coverage when volume changes. “Run your business without worrying if you have enough coverage at every stage of growth.” Here’s how it works: A business owner purchases a policy, creates an online account to sync the policy with his business management software, and opts in to get notifications of business changes that impact the policy. This coverage is geared towards businesses with seasonal swings, cyclical sales patterns, or rapid growth spurts such as retail stores, restaurants, and barbershops.

With home business insurance, the Putty BOP fills the gap in protection; offering personalized bundles such as “Techie add-on” against hacking, “Maker add-on” to protect one’s inventory, and “Services add-on,” to keep operations running smoothly.

Also, the Putty home business can be bundled in three different ways: renter’s bundle, injury bundle, and team bundle.