Putting It All Together: Sureify’s life insurance ecosystem

By Lori Zinaich

A quick Google search will find that, in 2016, a life insurance company offering a modern digital experience to their customers was still a rarity.

The fire had been started among life insurers by that point, but it was a slow burn — especially compared to other industries like retail and banking, which had already exploded into digital.  In 2016, Infogrades found that 80% of insurers did not see themselves as digital leaders and knew that they were behind other industries in customer engagement, analytics and adoption of mobile and social media.  And only 10% said that they had made any transformational changes to digital capabilities.

Some researchers, like McKinsey, were looking ahead and seeing the importance of finding the right partners to bring digital capability to life, predicting: “Successful carriers will develop strong cross-functional and cross-business-unit collaboration and build an expansive ecosystem of external partners,” they presciently offered.

Fast forward 5 years. 

In the post-COVID world, there is an increased necessity for life insurers to meet the new demands of a world in which potential customers must be able to conduct all business on a remote basis. Fortunately, the ecosystem that McKinsey referred to in 2016 exists as a real, and viable, option, in this document we created at Sureify.  

Dustin Yoder, Sureify’s founder, saw the potential for the industry years ago, “Sureify was built to help more people get life insurance through faster, more efficient means, but we know we can’t fulfill insurers’ potential alone. Because Sureify shares an overall vision with so many other companies – to help more people get life insurance easily with a modern experience that lives up to customer expectations – we knew it made sense to draw together resources from every angle of the digital landscape to help insurers accelerate digital growth,” Yoder explained.  

Bringing Dustin’s vision to life has been an exciting process. At Sureify, we know that we play an important role in modernizing the life insurance industry, but we also know that our connections to experts across the spectrum can help insurers, and, by extension, the individuals and families who need coverage during difficult times.  

It is our great pleasure to offer this document, and the providers listed in it, as valuable resources that can guide the process of digitization for insurers of all sizes. We hope that you will find value in having one place to turn to for solutions to the issues so many insurers face today, and we encourage you to reach out to us and to others listed here as you imagine the possibilities of digital enablement.

To view the entire Life Insurance Ecosystem click here.

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