Prudential partners with Nayya

Prudential Financial has formed a strategic partnership with benefits startup Nayya “to harness artificial intelligence and data science that empowers employees to make better workplace benefits decisions.”

The new partnership will allow Prudential Group Insurance clients to take advantage of Nayya’s benefits decision support tool during open enrollment, which will help their employees better understand their benefit options and make smarter decisions.

Founded in 2019, Nayya looks to simplify the process of choosing and understanding an employer-provided healthcare plan. The product helps employees find the plan that is right for them by asking a series of questions about lifestyle, health, location, etc. Nayya then looks at the various plans provided by the employer to show which one best matches the user’s particular lifestyle and budget.

“Our goal is to help employers better educate and engage their employees during moments that matter. We are transforming the enrollment experience by providing simple yet powerful ways to help employers be the rock their employees can rely on when selecting workplace benefits.” – Michael Estep, head of product for Prudential Group Insurance.

“Employers are spending more on benefits than ever before and they want to enable their employees to make informed decisions to maximize their health and financial wellness,” Chehrazi said. “Prudential’s leadership is bringing innovation to the benefits experience with scale and pace. It will change the trajectory of our industry and our ecosystem in positive ways.” – Sina Chehrazi, Nayya’s founder and CEO.