Progressive launches Snapshot Road Test

Progressive recently announced the launch of Snapshot Road Test, a new feature in its Snapshot app that allows drivers to see if they might save on their car insurance rates due to safe driving before switching to Progressive.

Unlike the traditional Snapshot product that offers an upfront discount for participating in the program (in some states) and potentially better rates at renewal, Snapshot Road Test offers those who are not Progressive customers a chance to see a personalized rate based on their driving before they buy.

“Consumers can now take a Snapshot Road Test using our mobile app. With Snapshot Road Test they can see if they will receive a discount on their auto insurance based on their driving habits, before they buy. The easy-to-use mobile app provides near real-time feedback and timely driving tips aimed at making roadways safer for everyone.” – Jim Haas, Progressive Usage Based Insurance Business Leader.

This isn’t Progressive’s first attempt at presenting potential discounts to consumers before they buy. In 2012, the company introduced Snapshot Test Drive, a similar concept where consumers would receive a device to plug into their car for 30 days to later find out if they’re eligible for a discount based on their driving habits.

This new program is smartphone-based and does not require a device. In addition, Progressive offers a referral program with a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

With this new feature Progressive is getting closer to Root, however, the latter also offers a model where consumers can get insured “at a great price” while they take the test drive.