Pramata introduces industry’s first contract repository as a service

Commercial relationship data platform company Pramata  announced the launch of its Repository as a Service (RaaS) offering.

Founded in 2005, Pramata combines three essential elements to create and maintain fast, accurate contract visibility – an all-inclusive contract repository and analytics, proprietary AI technology, and expert managed services. Customers purchase the solution by subscription starting at $3,000/mo—less than one-third the total cost of ownership of traditional approaches when you factor in hidden costs.

“B2B enterprises know 95% of the customer relationship happens post-signature. That’s when revenue teams need critical data from customer contracts to negotiate sales, improve renewals, bill accurately and more. But despite all the investments in CLM, CPQ and Customer 360, people are still wasting days or weeks hunting for contracts and the right data. And usually, even if they find some information, it’s incomplete or inaccurate and leads to bad decisions. Pramata is more than a good demo, we provide great data—and make it accessible in a practical and useful way.” – Praful Saklani, CEO of Pramata.

For companies where contract visibility is top priority, Pramata fast-tracks critical data to revenue teams by delivering a complete, centralized and searchable repository in less than 90 days.

“Companies have been led to believe that solving the contract visibility problem requires complex AI technology, heavy manual effort and hidden costs. We’ve built a better way—a radically simple approach where the repository AND the data is included in the subscription. The result is 99%+ accurate contract data—continuously refreshed—instantly available to whoever needs it, when they need it.” – Pedram Abrari, CTO for Pramata.