Praedicat Launches New Website to Reflect New Product Offerings and Broader Client Base


Praedicat, the company who helps their insurance clients manage the risk of latent catastrophe, is launching a new website reflecting a broader brand identity.

“Praedicat has been helping our insurance clients understand product liability and other casualty emerging risks, many of which are chemicals” said Dr. Robert Reville, CEO of Praedicat. “We’ve become the number one chemical underwriting data source. In collaboration with our insurance clients, we are increasingly working directly with chemical companies. Our website needed to reflect this evolution.”



Along with broader content focused on both risk transfer and product stewardship, the website also has a completely updated user experience. “We want to make our new site an important and central digital hub for our clients and potential clients alike,” said Dr. Reville. “We want it to be easy to use, beautiful, and offer content that is both informative and thought provoking.”


Praedicat, reflected digitally

The site features a clean design and employs the tenet of progressive disclosure to intelligently reveal a robust and deep content offering on an as-desired basis. With a searchable and filterable News & Insights section, thought-provoking and informative content is easily accessed and regularly updated. A tracker of top risks that should be top of mind appears as an animated ticker tape, and the tracker links to a more detailed page that gives site visitors a glimpse into the power of Praedicat’s technology. Organic and natural visuals suggestive of the mathematical patterns found in nature provide a compelling and elegant complement to the content.



In place of the former site’s technology description, the new site features a set of videos with Praedicat employees describing what they do.  “At the heart of Praedicat is our multidisciplinary team, and we wanted to have them tell our story directly. The new site gives visitors a true idea of who we are, while demystifying the complexity of what we do,” said Dr. Reville.



A Theme of Sustainable Growth

The recurring theme on the site is that working with Praedicat will help clients grow. “Whether we help an insurer establish a risk appetite that more closely reflects the current science, or help a chemical company client get to market faster with new products and reformulations, our goal is sustainable growth. Therefore, this is the message of the site.”


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