Porsche Ventures invests in Laka

Earlier this year, London-based bicycle insurance provider Laka announced a $12 million Series A round. The startup is now announcing that it has secured additional funding from Porsche Ventures, bringing the total amount raised in the round to $13.5 million.

Laka said that it will be exploring opportunities with the Porsche Ventures portfolio to “build the backbone to support the e-mobility segment.”

“The increasing digitization and variety of sustainable mobility offers leads to the need for an innovative and customer-centric offer in the field of digital insurance. With the investment in Laka, we are pleased to support a strong team that is addressing the global insurance market with a unique, highly adaptable and digital business model, which focuses above all on the customer experience.” – Patrick Huke, head of Porsche Ventures, Europe & Israel.

“2021 truly depicted an inflection point for Laka as we moved from a pure direct-to-consumer play towards retail and commercial partnerships. e-mobility is redefining transport globally, and Laka has set out to build the backbone to support the e-mobility segment at a time when “Net Zero Emissions” has rightly become front of mind for consumers, businesses and government policy. To support this shift towards a greener future, we have a bold vision to become the world’s largest e-mobility insurance partner.” – Tobias Taupitz, CEO and co-founder of Laka.