PolicyBazaar Launches Chatbot Using Google’s Dialogflow

Indian online insurance marketplace PolicyBazaar has used Dialogflow to deploy a car insurance chatbot to help answer questions from potential customers. “Dialogflow is by far the best platform for text-based conversational chatbots . With it, we derive all the benefits of machine learning without restrictions on the frontend. Through our chatbot, we are now closing over 13,000 sales totaling a premium of nearly $2 million (USD) every month and growing at a 30% month-over-month rate” – Ashish Gupta, CTO & CPO, Policybazaar.com.



The chatbot is called PBee and it now handles over 60% of customer queries, resulting in faster fulfillment. Also, since its launch, the chat volumes have gone up 5x, and response time has gone down .25X; so good that the chatbot is now being extended to health and investments products.


Moving on. By the look of things, emerging Indian insurer Digit Insurance has already partnered with Policybazaar.com. Just the thing to do when one is a company that hosts over 80 million visitors yearly, and records close to 150,000 transactions a month.