PolicyAdvisor Launches Life Insurance Marketplace

PolicyAdvisor is live.

Established in 2018 and led by CEO and Founder Jiten Puri, PolicyAdvisor is a Canadian insurance aggregator focused on L&H lines of business and working with Manulife, Empire Life, and iA Financial; to name 3 out of the 16 insurers the startup has access to.

“The Canadian insurance industry, and particularly life insurance, is due for a shakeup. Modern, connected Canadians are doing themselves a disservice by putting off insurance decisions, through no fault of their own. Insurance buying is needlessly complicated, with product details cloaked in secrecy. We’re here to play matchmaker, connecting Canadians to insurance products that suit their needs, all in the few minutes you spend on your phone in a parking lot, subway car, or grocery checkout line.” – Jiten Puri.

Get a feel for its life insurance flow below:

Last, the company supplements its tech-first approach with advice from brokers working behind the scenes, who clients can request to speak to online, on the phone, or through video. Bottom Line: Available initially in Ontario, the company will roll out services to the rest of the country in the coming months.