Personio Acquires Spanish API-Startup

Personio , the Munich-based software company that offers an HR and applicant management software, has announced its acquisition of Rollbox , a Spanish startup focused on automating payroll. Following the merger, Personio also announced the launch of Personio Payroll, a new offering based on the Rollbox engine.

Established in 2016, the Rollbox API automates payroll in Germany, Spain and the UK, and generates bank transfer files, tax certifications as well as automates the communication to government and insurance companies.

“I’m very excited about this merger as it will help us extend our platform with a highly synergetic product that will provide a lot of value to our customers by automating their payroll. Furthermore, I am excited to have Xavi and Isma as well as their entire team join our efforts of building the category leading HR management, recruiting and payroll platform in Europe. They have done an amazing job of building a payroll engine that can be scaled across multiple countries and thus aligns very well with our international ambitions.” – Personio CEO, Hanno Renner.

Personio and Rollbox have already partnered. Since the beginning of 2019, the payroll of several Personio customers has already been processed by the Rollbox engine and over the coming months Personio will offer this new service to all of its over 1,500 existing customers and future ones.

Bottom Line: The market potential for Personio has tripled due to this merger and it now tackles the European HR management and payroll market for SMEs that amounts to €30b.