Perimeter Solutions and CSAA Insurance Group partner to provide wildfire defense

Perimeter Solutions and CSAA Insurance Group , a AAA insurer, have partnered to launch a pilot program that can help give homeowners additional protection against destructive wildfires. Select properties in Northern California will benefit from the application of PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY, a durable and long-term fire retardant that renders vegetation surrounding a home non-flammable.

“We’re excited to collaborate with CSAA Insurance Group to help provide defense against devastating wildfires. Creating defensible space by smart management of vegetation is an important concept in preparing properties and communities for a wildfire, and our fire safety technology provides a long-lasting, proactive and preventative solution that can help protect people and property.” – Director of Wildfire Prevention in Perimeter’s Fire Safety Solutions business, Wes Bolsen.

PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY is a fire retardant technology similar to that used around the world in aerial firefighting operations, updated for long-term ground applications. It is sprayed on vegetation surrounding homeowner properties, making that vegetation less likely to burn if contacted by flying embers. Homeowners insurance customers participating in this pilot program are in designated wildfire-prone areas, and the vegetation surrounding their property will receive applications of the translucent, moisture-resistant fire retardant at no-charge, compliments of CSAA Insurance Group.

“As homeowners and communities continue to pursue critical wildfire resilience efforts, this pioneering approach creates an additional layer of defense, and helps us to continue to put the safety of our customers first. As the AAA insurer for Northern California and other wildfire-prone areas of the United States, we’re committed to exploring innovative ways to help safeguard AAA members.” – Vice President of Innovation for CSAA Insurance Group, Olga Dotter.

While not a substitute for proven methods of protection against wildfire, including fire-rated roofs and vents, five-feet of defensible space, and removal of combustible items under or around the house, this program is expected to further strengthen at-risk homes by reducing ember ignition on the property.