Pacific Life Selects Salesforce for Digital Transformation

Pacific Life has selected Salesforce as one of its strategic technology partners to get a “360-degree customer view and deliver seamless and integrated experiences” across its entire US retail businesses.

Prior to Salesforce, Pacific Life’s employees across regions and departments did not have a single platform to view and manage every customer relationship and interaction. To address this challenge, Pacific Life partnered with Salesforce on a new initiative it calls the NextGen CRM Program, designed to bridge the gap between Pacific Life’s sales, service and marketing teams and reimagine how they engage with financial professionals.

Pacific Life is deploying Salesforce as its enterprise-wide, integrated CRM platform to support seamless customer engagement and deliver high-value, differentiated experiences by better collaborating and connecting across teams. With a single view of the customer and data in Salesforce, Pacific Life will be able to prioritize and tailor digital interactions to each individual customer based on their needs, and more effectively measure impact across the business. In addition, it will be able to connect with customers on their preferred channels, including traditional call centers and digital channels such as email, social chat and text.

Pacific Life is also modernizing its approach to how it offers its products and services to “digitally-minded consumers” by tapping into an ecosystem of distribution partners using APIs. By building an application network of reusable APIs, Pacific Life can easily integrate with new partners on digital platforms like Blueprint Income and reach new customers with their innovative products.

“Pacific Life recently celebrated its 150-year anniversary and I firmly believe that the next 10 years will involve more change than those 150 years combined. We are coming together to digitally transform and build the future of our organization, and we are thrilled that Salesforce is one of our partners in this journey forward.” – Brian Woolfolk, senior vice president, sales and chief marketing officer for Pacific Life’s Retirement Solutions Division.

“Financial professionals expect the same personalized touchpoints and convenience when working with institutions as they get from their favorite consumer app experiences. For companies like Pacific Life, that means offering a seamless, convenient experience across the entire organization. Pacific Life is well on its way to becoming an even more engaging and personalized organization, and we are excited to help enable this shift.” – Rohit Mahna, SVP of Financial Services at Salesforce.