P2P Insurtech Teambrella Targets Cyclists in The Netherlands


Blockchain-based P2P platform Teambrella is targeting cyclists in the Netherlands . The idea is to allow teammates to protect each other against stolen or damaged bicycles. Here’s how it will work: a limited group of users can apply to join the “Bicycle Backup” team to provide coverage for each other. If one submits a claim, then his team members will vote if and/or how much to reimburse the individual. During the first three months, Teambrella will deposit funds into each team member’s cryptocurrency wallet. These funds and all aspects of the coverage will be co-controlled by the team. Wait there’s more. The startup enlisted the help of Dutch design studio Yummygum to improve its web and mobile presence:


New look:



vs. current look:


Bottom Line: a crowdinsuring platform that has raised $839K this summer from Singapore-based investment firm Shanda Group.