Otonomo Partners with Daimler

Otonomo announced a partnership with Daimler AG on a Neutral Server initiative to provide Mercedes-Benz connected car customers with new services that include usage-based insurance (pay as you drive), on-demand fueling, smart electric vehicle charging and various others designed to make customers’ lives on the road more convenient.

The neutral server initiative, created by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), is a joint effort to implement solutions that make automotive data available to interested third-party service providers in a safe and secure manner, without requiring those third parties to each individually sign a contract with a vehicle manufacturer. Otonomo and Daimler will enable customers to be in control of their data through a mobile app that provides at-a-glance visibility into what data is being shared and the ability to revoke permissions at any time.

“Mercedes-Benz and Otonomo share the same vision and values when it comes to delighting customers while protecting their data. Together with Daimler, our solution is bringing the neutral server concept to life.” – CEO of Daimler, Ben Volkow.

Bottom Line: Looking for a pay-as-you-drive insurance solution.