Oscar Partners with Cardiogram

Following a partnership with Cardiogram, Oscar members can gain access to Cardiogram Care, which uses the heart rate sensor on popular wearables such as Apple Watch, Garmin, and WearOS by Google, to identify patients with undiagnosed diabetes and atrial fibrillation.

Oscar members with a compatible wearable can access the new service by downloading the Cardiogram app, connecting their wearable, and verifying their Oscar member ID. If Cardiogram’s algorithms show an elevated risk of one of these health conditions, the member will be offered a free confirmatory test shipped to them or offered in a nearby lab. If the test shows a positive result, the member will be guided to an in-network physician to discuss lifestyle changes and treatment. This preventive monitoring and testing will be offered for free to Oscar members, with no co-pay or deductible.

“Many people with diabetes and with atrial fibrillation don’t even realize that they have it. But we can help close this diagnosis gap using a device that may already be on their wrist.” – Director of Business Development at Cardiogram, Harish Kilaru.

“At Oscar, we are proud to work with innovative partners to improve our members’ care. By working with Cardiogram, we can get more patients to the treatments they need using devices they already own, delivering a fundamentally better type of health insurance today and preventing costly complications tomorrow.” – Operations & Strategy Analyst at Oscar, Nikita Singareddy.