Oscar Introduces Collaboration Through Messaging

Oscar, the NYC-based health insurer, announced that it has built a messaging support channel: an interface through which its members can get answers to their healthcare questions by typing a quick message on their phone or web browser.



Behind every message is a dedicated Concierge team for every member. And each Concierge team is comprised of a group of care guides and a nurse clinician. Here’s the gist of how it works:  (1) member sends a message with or w/o an attachment such as a photo, (2) support ticket is created and message is routed to the member’s assigned Concierge team, and (3) someone from the Concierge team responds (the user interface can surface important contextual information to make sure reliable answers are provided to the member).



One last thing – Oscar operates “under the Minimum Necessary Rule when handling members’ information, and limit access to the messaging threads to internal users whose job responsibility requires the access.” Safe and sleek.