Oscar Doesn’t Like Surprises

Oscar has signed on to Eligible’s Hosted Eligibility Solution. Refresher: Eligible is a Brooklyn-based provider of medical payments APIs that has raised $25.2m since its inception in 2011.



The integration provides access to coverage and benefit information for Oscar members, which includes the information patients need to make care option decisions.

Providers using Eligible’s platform can send eligibility and benefit requests to Oscar with no additional effort or setup.

“Within days of the release of Eligible’s hosted solution, Oscar’s patient eligibility was set up to reach over a 100,000 providers across the country including Radnet, a leading Radiology group with locations in 7 states. Radnet integrated Eligible’s Oscar solution at their 341 imaging centers to provide their patients a transparent cost estimate at the time of service. The use of Eligible’s  Oscar  Hosted Eligibility Solution decreases the chances of surprise medical bills, thus increasing cost transparency for the patient and creating a better patient experience. It also provides a more streamlined automated option to confirm patient coverage and eligibility making it a win for both the patient and the provider.”