Onlia partners with Roam

Onlia, a digital insurance provider in Ontario, and Roam, a car subscription service, have joined forces.

Their collaboration aims to offer personalized insurance rates and a unified checkout process for car subscribers.

Roam’s car subscriptions present a fresh pay-as-you-go option for car use, encompassing insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and more. Previously, Roam subscribers had a fixed insurance rate, irrespective of their driving and insurance background. With the Onlia partnership, insurance rates will now be tailored to each individual.

“Navigating the complexities of car insurance can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the terms and conditions of insurance policies. Onlia simplifies this process by offering bespoke digital insurance that is easy to understand and tailored to the specific needs of Roam subscribers. Through this partnership, we empower Ontarians to hit the road  with confidence, knowing that they’re covered by an insurance provider.” – Apoorv Gupta, Founder of Roam .

“We’re excited to partner with Roam to provide an easy-to-navigate digital customer experience for Ontarians with car subscriptions. Our digital-first approach and focus on simplifying insurance makes us the perfect partner for Roam. We’re also thrilled to work together to empower Ontarians and newcomers to Canada to pursue their dreams of having a car.” – Fleur Dujardin, President of Onlia .

As part of the partnership, Onlia and Roam will be launching a range of exclusive discounts designed specifically for Roam’s members.