Onfido & Drover Partner for Smart Car Subscriptions

Onfido has partnered with mobility-as-a-service platform Drover to handle identity verification.

Founded in 2015, Drover is a smarter alternative to car leasing and buying, offering flexible car subscriptions for an all-in-one monthly payment. It began as a service to provide Uber drivers with fast and flexible car subscriptions so that they could start working faster, and subsequently launched its consumer product in 2018.

With identity verification being an insurance requirement for Drover, users take a photo of their government-issued identity document; Onfido then checks that the government ID is not fraudulent, and cross-references it against a range of international databases. Onfido’s machine learning-based technology ensures the process can be completed within seconds, so Drover can onboard more users with less manual intervention and resource.

“As we grow our user base, being able to consistently deliver the speed our users want with the security they need is crucial. Onfido helps us do both, so we can protect our platform without impacting on user experience.” – Drover CEO Felix Leuschner.

“We’re proud to be supporting Drover as they scale. Balancing security against a smooth user experience is a challenge for many businesses, but our AI technology means we’re able to help Drover deliver both. Reducing risk and building trust is core to both of our businesses, so the partnership is a natural fit.” – Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai.