OneDegree and Buyandship offer parcel protection

Hong Kong-based virtual insurer OneDegree and cross-border logistics firm Buyandship launched Buyandship Plus, a free overseas return and parcel protection service for online shoppers. With this service, members can shop knowing that they won’t have to pay high international shipping fees if products need to be returned. Buyandship Plus also offers up to $52,000 in compensation for lost parcels, currently the highest in the market.

“We’ve seen a surge of demand for Buyandship services since the coronavirus outbreak started. In February, we handled double the amount of shipment worldwide. In particular, February shipment from Hong Kong customers were up 155% month-on-month. We are committed to making the online shopping experience as stress-free as possible, which is why our new service offers free overseas returns, the first of its kind in Hong Kong’s transshipment industry.” – Wilson Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Buyandship.

“The rise of e-commerce has been reshaping the retail sector and creating new opportunities, and with that, there are also emerging risks that didn’t necessarily exist before. As a tech-insurer, our edge lies in being able to quickly identify areas where protection might be needed and developing products to help our clients manage those risks.” – Arthur Lee, Chief Executive of OneDegree.