One80 Intermediaries launches AI warranty coverage

One80 Intermediaries , a specialty insurance broker in Boston, has launched AI warranty coverage.

This new offering protects businesses and third-party AI vendors from revenue loss or expenses due to unreliable AI models.

Partnering with Armilla AI , One80 verifies both open-source and proprietary AI models, giving businesses confidence in the AI technology they purchase.

“Innovation is core to One80’s culture. We consistently demonstrate our ability to pioneer insurance solutions – and take pride in our history of being the first movers in the market with new insurance products such as One80’s AI Product Warranty Coverage.” – Matthew F. Power, President, One80 Intermediaries.

“We are thrilled to partner with our brokers and clients in assessing and mitigating AI-related risks and believe that this solution will revolutionize AI risk management.” – Jonathan Legge, Senior Managing Director, One80 Intermediaries.

“Insurance will play a significant role in addressing AI risk, and Armilla is at the forefront of developing warranty and insurance products that will allow companies to deploy AI solutions safely. We are confident that partnering with One80 will enable us to continue to deliver market leading AI insurance solutions at scale.” – Karthik Ramakrishnan, CEO and Co-Founder, Armilla AI.

Bottom Line: AI warranty is becoming a popular category.