OKAPI:Orbits raises €5.5 million

Spacetech startup  OKAPI:Orbits has raised €5.5 million in a seed funding round led by Munich Re Ventures, with participation from Dolby Family Ventures, Herius Capital, APEX Ventures as well as several individual investors.

Founded in 2018, the German startup has developed a space traffic management software to enable safe and secure satellite operations. The platform brings together radar, telescope, in-orbit sensors, and laser-ranging data to help predict risk, interferences, and environmental impacts. The solution is designed to help operators extend the lifetime of their space assets and increase the reliability of their services.

“Our overarching mission is to help operators to increase the lifetime of their assets with a minimal ecological footprint, keeping their investments safe and taking advantage of the great opportunities the booming space market has to offer for solving earth’s problems. We’re building the first-ever tool designed to maximize profits and secure zero impact in the precious space environment. With OKAPI: Orbits, everyone who is working in and with space has can access critical information with just one click, integration into customer systems takes less than 10 minutes, and operators know exactly how missions can be optimized without interfering with others.” – OKAPI: Orbits co-founder and CEO Kristina Nikolaus.