OK Google, Talk to DAS Cyber Security

Bristol-based DAS has launched a new skill – The DAS Cyber Security – to allow users to ask their voice-activated Google Home or Amazon Echo device a range of questions regarding cyber security.


Both the Google and Amazon assistants communicate using a question and answer structure, covering topics such as: (1) how does one stay safe online?, (2) how does one tell if a website is genuine?, (3) what can one do if he’s been tricked into giving out his account details?, and (4) how can cyber insurance help with cybercrime?


DAS will also be looking to work with its business partners and brokers to create white-labelled versions of the new skill, enabling partners to promote their own proposition to their customers.


Recall: earlier this year DAS became the world’s first legal expenses insurer to launch a legal expenses insurance skill for the Amazon Alexa, enabling customers to ask various questions regarding common legal issues such as disputes with neighbors, employment tribunals and redundancy.


“Technology is changing how we work and play, with a wide range of digital platforms and ‘smart’ devices helping us to communicate, shop, interact, and share information in ever more dynamic ways.” – Head of Strategy & Innovation, DAS UK Group, Kevin Neal.